Announcement of summer outdoor pool business schedule


little kids swimming in pool underwater.

I've been waiting very much!
We will inform you that the outdoor pool business schedule has been decided.
This pool is a gourd-shaped pool with a depth of about 1 meter. There is also a shallow area (approximately 30cm) for small children, so please spend your time.
※Children only are not allowed to use. Please be sure to use it with your parents.

. Business period: July 13, 2024 (Sat)-September 1, 2008 (Sun)

. Business hours 9 am to 12 pm/14 pm to 18:00 in the evening
※Depending on the weather (rainy weather, warning, warning issuance, etc.) may be canceled.

. About use before and after your stay
Before check-in: You can use it from 14 p.m. Please offer it to the front desk. The room is open after 15:00, so please use the changing room.
After check-out: You can use it until 12 p.m. We're checking out at 11 o'clock.
※Paid strate checkouts may be refused depending on the reservation status of the day.

. Usage fees
●Guest guests can use it for free.
●Adults 1,000 Yen/Elementary School 500 Yen (both included consumption tax)
※Admission is free when accompanied by poolside is free.
※Children only are not allowed to use. Please be sure to use it with your parents.

. How to use it
For both guests and visitors, please apply directly to the front desk before use.
There is a changing room (with a toilet) and a locker on the poolside.

. Others
・Two guards are stationed on duty.
・I'm not allowed to jump in.
・Floating rings is possible. We're also preparing an air conditioner. Feel free to ask.
・If you are drinking, please refrain from entering the water.
・No smoking is allowed on the hotel premises.